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2013-02-23 17:07:26 by asittingduckltd

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Candy The Magic Dinosaur Comic... Part 2... Enjoy!!!!!...

Candy The Magic Dinosaur - Comic - Part 2

Some quality "Go Candy" illustrations being tweeted around!!!!!... Thanks to Liz Roberts for this one!!!!!...


More Twitter Illustrations!!!!!...

Animation Projects!!!!!...

2013-02-23 09:39:06 by asittingduckltd

Workin' on 2 animation projects at the moment... So far most of the details are top secret, but here's a piece of work from one of the animators involved. If you're interested in having more regular updates, you can click like over at:


Thousands of other animation fans there, just trying to beef it up a bit, before it all kicks off in March!!!!!...


Workin' with top illustrator "DeadBird"... We are lookin' at releasing a free monthly comic on our Tumblr, follow @asittingduck for more ideas!...


Candy The Magic Dinosaur - Comic

Megasaur 64 T-Shirt

Designed By Pixel Block... You know you want one?!... :]

Megasaur 64 T-Shirt!!!!!...

Animator Wanted!!!!!...

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Hi there!,

Would you like to work with us on some exciting projects?!...

Lets talk!,


Animator Wanted!!!!!...

Happy New Year to you & thanks for adding Candy to your favourites!...

To "kick" the year off we have started a project with Kickstarter, if you are a games maker in the UK Kickstarter is finally available to use. The best part is that the "backers" can be from anywhere in the world and making a pledge is easy because they use Amazon's shopping account which most people have.


Thanks for your pledge in advance!,


Happy New Year From Candy!!!!!... Kickstarter!!!!!...

Candy The Magic Dinosaur Is Here!!!!!...

2012-12-22 09:46:31 by asittingduckltd

Candy has finally landed on Newgrounds!... You may recognise Candy but this is the first time the series has been published in flash, future plans are for Candy The Magic Dinosaur 5 & also a Candy flash game to accompany the series, while you're waiting for more, you can download Go Candy which is available on iOS!!!!!...

Happy Christmas,


Go Candy iOS Game

Candy The Magic Dinosaur Is Here!!!!!...

A Sitting Duck Ltd

2012-12-02 06:51:05 by asittingduckltd

Hi there,

We are starting to make good progress with "Candy The Magic Dinosaur". The iOS game is on sale (Go Candy) and at the moment Luke Hyde & Sean T Cooper are building the series in flash for Newgrounds.

Next year we have a plan to release a flash game with all the familiar characters,

Bookmark this page for more stuff soon!,


A Sitting Duck Ltd